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We are Licensed and Insured – Cal PUC – T189858

Don’t entrust the integrity of your next San Diego move to just any one. We are a professional Chula Vista moving company with over ten years experience in the industry. Our insurance policy covers your property’s value to guarantee protection of your belongings during the move.

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Why Choose Keep Moving Company?

  • In need of a professional moving company to help you relocate in Chula Vista or San Diego county? For over ten years, we have been helping residents of Chula Vista move all throughout Southern and Northern California. As a local moving company, we don’t just specialize in moves from Chula Vista, CA and moves to Chula Vista Ca. We extend our services to assist San Diego moving, southern California moving and even northern California moving.

Moving Services Tailored To Fit Your Needs

  • At Keep Moving Company, you’re the boss. Just specify what your moving needs are and we will deliver a moving plan that is tailored to fit your exact moving demands. We can provide a full range of moving services to accommodate all your moving needs from begin to end of the move. We look forward to making your next relocation an easy and stress free move.

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Trust Your Belongings With Us!

  • We are a small, independent Chula Vista Moving Company who’s gratitude for the opportunities we receive is passed on in the form of unbeatable service and the utmost consideration for the moving demands of our customers.
  • Keep Moving Company is family owned and operated and will treat you like family For over ten years, we have been providing our services to Chula Vista, San Diego, Northern California and even surrounding states such as Arizona and Nevada. Since our doors first opened for business, our goals has been lending the utmost professional assistance possible while considering the unique demands of each and every customer.
  • At Keep Moving Company, we believe that no two moves are the same. Instead of ritualizing our routine as a Chula Vista moving Company, we approach every job with a fresh perspective. As our customer, you can rest assured that your valuable belongings will be handled by the best in the industry. From start to finish, we address the move is if we are moving our own belongings.

Professional Moving Services Offered

Keep Moving Company is a Local Chula Vista moving company with over a decade of experience servicing Chula Vista and the greater San Diego community. If you are considering movers located in San Diego County to assist you with your next business or residential move, our professional staff are licenced, ensured and have several years on the job experience. For the best Chula Vista moving services, contact Keep Moving Company today.

  • We strive to provide a stress free Chula Vista moving experience
  • Our staff members possess exceptional moving skills
  • We can handle moves small and large, with any degree of complexity
  • We offer the best possible value for your chula vista moving budget
  • We aim to be the Best Chula Vista Moving Company and back all our Chula Vista moving services with a guarantee to ensure the protection of your personal possessions
  • We have many years of local Chula Vista moving experience

  • Pick-up items from Pick-up destination
  • Deliver Items to new destination
  • Pricing varies depending on Man-power
  • If you have your own labor/ we can reduce our cost to you

  • We pickup and deliver all long distance moves with a crew of Keep Moving movers
  • We own and operate our own fleet of trucks
  • We take the care to ensure a safe and smooth experience for you and your possessions
  • We tackle moves small and large, with any level of complexity
  • We aim to be the best long distance moving company, backing up our services with a guarantee
  • We have many years of moving experience

  • Rearrange furniture
  • move furniture/belongings during remodeling
  • Clear out space for an event or party
  • Stage home for sale
  • Hang/reposition art or antiques
  • Move large or unwieldy items within home (treadmills, pianos, and safes)

  • We at Keep Moving Company have trained and skilled employees who are experts in loading and unloading work.
  • Our staffs take extreme care of your valuable goods while loading and loading.
  • We make our clients and customers certain that all valuable goods will arrive at their respective destination safely without any damage.
  • We provide provides heavy trucks and other suitable vehicles for the transportation of your valuable goods and ensure you to safety and prompt departure of your valuable goods.
  • Once the goods have reached your respective destination, our employees also unload, unpack and rearrange your goods with utmost care and attentions.

  • Full Pack – We can provide 100% of your packing needs come moving day. Just specify to us in advance about the degree of packing services you want and we’ll be prepared to make your move as smooth as possible.
  • Partial Pack – If you plan on packing some or even most of your items without our assistance, but would like some additional help, we can accommodate that as well.
  • Unpacking – Moving is an exhausting experience. Why not let us handle your unpacking needs as well. If you would like some assistance settling in to your new home, we can undertake the entire job or simply provide a few hours of service. Whatever you need, we are hear to help.

Moving Tips for San Diego Movers

At Keep Moving Company, we want to be as helpful as possible for your next move in the San Diego area. This is why we put together some information to help make your next move a little easier. Below you will tips on various subjects that are frequently of concern to our customers during the course of their move.

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Moving Checklist

  • Call your moving specialist to plan the move preferably a few weeks before the move to give you and your moving specialist adequate time to plan for the move.
  • Let your moving specialist know how much packing you intend to do for the move. If your are planning to save extra money during the move, inform your moving specialist that you will not be needing any packing services.
  • Make sure to show your moving specialist every item that will moved at the time that you and your moving specialist conduct the walk through. Doing so will eliminate the possibility of additional costs being added towards your moving quote at a later date.
  • Make sure to sign the estimate/quote during the time that you and your moving specialist assess the scope of the move. Make sure to address any questions or concerns you have about the move at this time before the moving estimate is finalized.
  • Notify the post office about your change of address to alleviate any mishaps with receiving incoming mail.

Mover's Kit

Below is a check list that includes all the essential items you should have handy during your move.

  • First-Aid Kit
  • Paper plates
  • Canned Goods
  • Plastic Ware
  • Can Opener
  • Snacks
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Bottled Water
  • Soap
  • Disposable Cups
  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Special Items for Children
  • Wash Cloths
  • Travel Alarm Clock
  • Check Book
  • Sufficient Cash
  • ID cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Hammer
  • Flashlight (check batteries)
  • Light bulbs
  • Keys
  • Pliers
  • Fuses
  • Wrench
  • Pet food/dishes
  • Screwdrivers

Packing Tips

Feel free to pack as much or as little as you like for the move. At Keep Moving Company, we can provide packing services to accommodate all your packing needs. Below is a list of helpful packing tips to assist you in packing your belongings properly and efficiently.


  • Pack items that you use the least first. Hold off on packing items that are used regularily to avoid enduring more work than is necessary.
  • Sart packing right after the big day has been planned. The more days you have to pack, the less stranious the move will be.
  • Be sure to always label your boxes appropriatley
  • Never pack flammable or non-allaowable items during the move.
  • be sure to use plenty of packaging paper/material while packing items in boxes.
  • Make sure to clearily label fragile on boxes with breakable items inside to avoid unneccessary accidents.
  • Write “open first” on boxes that contain essential living items such as cooking and hygene contents.
  • Use clean newsprint paper for packing whenever possible to avoid ink from rubbing off on packaged items. We can provide clean newsprint paper for you during the move.
  • Seperate your breakables and non-breakables for oading and un-loading purposes.
  • Use professional packing tape to seal boxes.
  • Pack all boxes tightly.

Moving With Pets

Moving Routine

Make sure that the daily routine you have for your pets does not change dramatically during the phases of your move. Try to maintain a steady schedule for feeeding, walking and playing with your pets to reduce the amount of stress brought on by the move.

State municipal laws/regulations

Be sure to check with local animal laws and regulations of the region you intend on moving to. These rules regarding pets can vary from city to city and from state to state.

Unfamiliar People During The Move

A move can invite a lot of people to your home. Animals can become alarmed from the presence of unfamiliar people coming around their home frequently. If possible, try to isolate your pet to parts of the house that are cut off from contact with the added commotion brought on from the move.

Get Your Pet Inoculated Before The Move

Make an appointment with a vetinarian to bring your pet up to date with all the mandated inoculations. It will make the transition easyer for you and your pet if all shots are administered before the move.

Traveling With Your Pets During The Move

Make a traveling checklist for your pet to include all the necessities your pet will need for the move. Also, if your pet is not used to travleing in cars, take him/her on short rides around the neighborhood to acclimate your pet to riding in cars. You may also want to contact your vet to see if there are any medications you can administer to the animal for anxiety. During the travel, don’t forget to take bathroom and exercise breaks for your animals. Relieving your animals by giving them time away from the vehicle will help settle them down during ride time.

Pet Identification

There is not a better time to make sure that your pet has adequate identification since you will be living in unfamiliar territory for your animal. The coming weeks after a move is a common time for owners to loose their pets.

Moving Tips For Moving With Dogs

After moving into a new house, immediately walk your dog around the neighborhood so that he/she becomes familiar with the new area. Establish boundaries in the yard for your dog to roam, and help him/her become accustomed to the new environment by maintaining a regular feeding and walking schedule.

Moving Tips For Moving With Cats

Try not to expose your cat to your new living arrangements all at once. It’s a good idea to limit the number of rooms the cat is allowed in and gradually let him/her explore. Surround the cat with familiar items during the move to reduce emotional stress, and once you’re in your new home, don’t let your cat outside until he/she is familiar with the new living environment to reduce the risk of running away.

Moving Tips For Pet Air Travel

If you are traveling by plane, make sure to contact the airliner in advance to learn about the rules and regulations regarding animal storage on airplanes.

Reduce Expenses

Money Saving Tips for your next move

Moving can be a very stressful situation. Reducing the cost of your move can make the ordeal a much more pleasant experience. There are several key points to consider in order to reduce your moving expenses. Below, we have provided an overview of the actions and considerations you should take to minimize your moving cost.

Travel promptly

Make travel plans ahead of time to save money. Be sure to use travel discounts to save money on hotel rooms.

Eat Inexpensively

Minimize your grocery shopping before and up until the day of your move. Instead of buying more food, Be creative at mealtime with what you have in your freezer and refrigerator. Use up all your frozen foods before the move. Frozen foods are non-allowable items and cannot be moved and canned goods just add to the weight of your shipment and increase costs.

Cash Out

You should make sure to get any security deposits back before you move. If you paid a pet deposit, look into that as well. Also, make sure to collect any personal property that may be in other people’s or organization’s possession.

Contact the IRS

Don’t forget to notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about your change of address. Each year, the IRS is unable to mail out thousands of tax return checks because of failure to notify the IRS.

Report your move To The IRS

If your move is prompted by a change in job locations or starting a new job, some moving expenses may be deductible on your tax return. Contact the IRS or your sax specialist for more information to see if you qualify for any reductions.

Pack yourself

Handle all the packing and un-packing yourself. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to pack all your belongongs for the move. We recommend at least four weeks in advance to start packing for the move.

Timing Of The Move

Depending on what time of year, cost for moving can very dramatically. At Keep Moving Company, our rates stay the same all year long.

Sell Items Before The Move

The weight of your cargo being moved adds to the cost of the move. Try to lighten the load and make some money in the process by selling off any items you can that you no longer need. You should consider the following methods of selling your belongs before the move.

  • Garage sales : Try to maximize on variety of items displayed during the garage sale. This will attract more people to your garage sale.
  • Flea markets : Flea markets can be very effective outlets for selling personal property. Although there is a fee involved for selling rights, flea markets are well established mediums for aquiring goods.
  • Online auctions : The internet is a great way to sell off used goods. The cost to do so is minimal and you get to showcase your goods globally twenty four hours a day.
  • Charity : Donating items to charity will lighten the moving load and can be written off on your taxes.

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